Accessories Report

Rest in peace beloved Madewell necklace. It died an honorable death this weekend, and after trying fruitlessly to revive the sad tangle of chains, I opted instead to take this opportunity to amp up my collection. I've never really been an accessories kind of girl until I began spending time with some eminently inclined friends. One expertly piles on bracelets a la Kate Lanphear and the other's collection of colorful, eclectic bangles never escapes my jealous stare.

On the bracelet front, I'm partial to Jessica Kagan Cushman, (see my favorite here) but for those not akin to wearing their hobbies on their (literal) sleeve, rings are an equally statement making route. Outrageously over sized, double knuckled or anything extravagant will do. House of Harlow corners the market on affordable costume pieces, but if you're looking for something a bit more haute, Giles and Brother's handcrafted charmers are nothing short of mini masterpieces.

Perfect for warmer weather when clothes start coming off, your accessories can take the main stage.

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