Always hard at work

Many of you have likely fallen into a panicked haze, worrying yourself sick as to why your cherished Atticus blog has been so quiet lately. Calm down; maybe pour yourself a drink and rest assured: we haven't abandoned you, actually quite the opposite! We've been logging extra hours migrating content and upgrading the site to our very own stylish platform.

In addition to easier navigation, you can now manage subscriptions and sign up to receive e-mail alerts every time we publish our poignant inner musings. Dream come true, right? But dear readers, as an added bonus for your patience, now through May 31st, when you subscribe, you'll be automatically entered to win a $50 Atticus gift card. We're giving away 4 total as a token of appreciation and just because we love you so much.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out! We'd love to hear what you think.


Notes On: Paying it Forward

Inspired by a few random acts of kindness, I decided to offer a fortuitous treat to you, loyal readers. The concept of a "pay it forward" campaign has always made me smile. I once pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru to find out the kind stranger in the car ahead of me had already paid for my triple grande nonfat cappuccino. I'll never know who decided they could spare an extra $4.18 to brighten my day, but I often think about how unexpectedly happy I was. I actually think I was supposed to continue the kindness by doing the same thing for the car behind me, but I was just too shocked to do anything except drive away in amazement! (editor's note: I promise I paid for the car behind me on my next trip!)

This morning Summit Credit Union came to me with a similar campaign and left a ten dollar bill hidden in one of the Atticus fitting rooms with a message for the lucky finder to use it to help someone else. Moments later, a gust of wind knocked over a recycle bin on the curb in front of the shop and hundreds of papers started blowing all over the sidewalk. Stephani and I immediately ran out to help pick up the sudden mess, and within seconds we were joined by about 15 passersby who stopped to help. At the risk of sounding super cheesy, I have to tell you that I actually felt like my heart was swelling at the thought of so many people taking five minutes of their time to help clean up our street. So, setting aside the cynical humor you surely have become accustomed to as a reader of our blog, I want to remind you that sometimes it's nice to give a random gift, or to help a fragile model if she happens to fall on the Prada runway.

Here is my random gift to you:

Use the code: PAYITFORWARD at atticusshop.com to receive 15% off your entire purchase (including sale items!!). If you're in Madison, mention this post at Atticus to receive 15% off your entire purchase. This is only good through Friday, May 7th. So, hurry up before your luck runs out, and don't forget to pay it forward by sharing the news with your friends!


Impulse Buy!

On the way to work this morning, I let my feelings about how I looked be known with the comment,"I might as well die...I hate my outfit." That may have been a little dramatic, but I really just didn't feel good about my staple Nicole Richie go-to outfit today.
The minute I got to work, I ransacked the racks and tried on all of my current Atticus favorites (Relwen men's shirts, Charlotte Ronson dresses and Filippa K Tanks) and the winner was the Loomstate La Paloma Jumper.

Even though I told myself I was going to stop shopping, it's impossible to feel guilty about this outfit. It looks so good, in fact, that I didn't even have to justify the purchase to Kristin (who already told me she'll be borrowing it...a lot).


Sites We Love

Why is everything British always better? Vogue.co.uk falls into the daily roster of sites I must read the second I wake up. For what-to-wear inspiration, I always check out the "Today I'm Wearing" feature. Each month the site follows a different stylish girl as she chronicles her sartorial choices. Today is the last day to check out April's feature, girl we love to hate, Olivia Palermo.

What Are You Wearing?

Since Madison has finally reached the 75 degree mark today, I allowed myself to break out my summer clothes. While basking in the skimpier clothing section of my closet, I realized I had ten minutes before I had to be to work. So I threw together the first few things I saw and ran out the door. Even though it's so windy outside that I watched a girl's skirt fly up multiple times on my way to work, I still can't help but to be uber excited to break out my summer clothes for the season! Today I'm wearing

-Abercrombie&Fitch Destroyed BF shorts (Now normally I'd be embarrassed to write that I own these...but they look good, so I'll be honest about where I got them)
-Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Murray sandals


Accessories Report

Rest in peace beloved Madewell necklace. It died an honorable death this weekend, and after trying fruitlessly to revive the sad tangle of chains, I opted instead to take this opportunity to amp up my collection. I've never really been an accessories kind of girl until I began spending time with some eminently inclined friends. One expertly piles on bracelets a la Kate Lanphear and the other's collection of colorful, eclectic bangles never escapes my jealous stare.

On the bracelet front, I'm partial to Jessica Kagan Cushman, (see my favorite here) but for those not akin to wearing their hobbies on their (literal) sleeve, rings are an equally statement making route. Outrageously over sized, double knuckled or anything extravagant will do. House of Harlow corners the market on affordable costume pieces, but if you're looking for something a bit more haute, Giles and Brother's handcrafted charmers are nothing short of mini masterpieces.

Perfect for warmer weather when clothes start coming off, your accessories can take the main stage.


Come and knock on our door

The life of an insomniac is not an easy one. I rarely fall asleep without a pharmaceutical cocktail and even then, most nights I'm still wide awake staring at the ceiling come 3 a.m. Even though I have 300+ channels at my disposal, somehow I always end up at the same place, Three's Company. The rosy hues, outlandish 70's fonts and cheese factor are my version of warm milk and a bedtime story; a few episodes and I'm counting sheep in no time.

Last night however, something caught my eye and I sat up with rapt attention. "Oh my god," I said aloud to no one. "I'm totally digging Chrissy's style!" Her blend of playful rompers, teeny-tiny short shorts and striking mix of colors and textures spoke to me. One commercial break later and I was furiously taking notes, planning how I'll be biting her style this summer. Here are a few looks I decided on:
  • Wide leg, high-waist pants with slouchy tucked in tees, or cropped tops and vests
  • Obscenely short shorts paired with wedges and socks
  • Jumpers and one piece play suits
  • And of course, there's room in any wardrobe for a little glitz, even if happens to be in a dream sequence
Think I'll skip the side pony tails.